April 3, 2020

40+ Awe-Inspiring Snowflake Tattoo Ideas For Winter

Just like every snowflake is unique, so is every snowflake tattoo. These are very beautiful and when done correctly, they can be quite stunning. Snowflakes can be decorative and make a great addition to other tattoos. With so many variations and designs, people can usually find a design that fits their style and personality.

The primary symbol of the snowflake is uniqueness. When you look at snow from a distance, it looks like a massive blanket. On closer inspection, though, you find that it’s made up of many entirely unique flakes. They all have different patterns and measurements. Thus, the snowflake can be a symbol of one’s individuality.

Snowflakes can be designed in color, usually in hues of blue and purple, or in solid black ink. They can also be done in a tribal or Celtic style. The Celtic snowflake is a real eye-catcher and may symbolize the circle of life or life in general.

While not everyone lives in a climate that yields snowflakes, these individuals have found a permanent way to ensure a white Christmas every year. We hope that you are able to find inspiration and ideas for your own snowflake tattoo in this post.


Source:  https://www.instagram.com/p/B2qUUuoBoPq/

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