April 3, 2020

40+ Beautiful Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas For Fall

Autumn has a few givens: The leaves will fall , wine will be mulled. While come Thanksgiving, there will be turkey on the table.Thanksgiving nails are a beautiful way to celebrate one of the year’s best holidays. If you’ve never tried Thanksgiving nail designs before, we think the upcoming holiday is the perfect excuse to start.

From turkey art to plaid prints, the options for your ultimate Thanksgiving manicure are virtually endless. If you want to have Thanksgiving nails this year but would prefer to keep your style a little more subtle and relaxed, don’t feel pressured to try more extravagant nail art. There are so many colors of Thanksgiving that you can choose from to create a much simpler and minimalistic manicure without all the big embellishments.

And to help you get inspired to pull out your polishes tonight, We handpicked over 40 beautiful Thanksgiving nail art ideas to copy, below.


Source:  https://www.instagram.com/adventuresinacetone/

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