May 30, 2020

40+ Cute Blue Nail Designs For This Christmas

The holiday season can be more welcoming when our fashion fits our mood, readying us for the coming winter get-togethers with family and friends. Not only are our choices in clothes essential to keep us cozy while looking our best, but our nails can become a lovely highlight that lifts both our own and others’ spirits during the holiday season.

At Christmas there are so many things to do so your manicure is often bumped right to the last of the list, if it even gets done at all. IF you are looking for some Christmas green nail art ideas. We have Collected 40+ elegant green Christmas nail art ideas for you.

Some nails are red with green, white, blue. and there are Christmassy nail arts which includes candy canes and holly. We love the colors and the nail art, it is such a cute and bold look for Christmas. You can hand-paint holly which there are tutorials for online or you can buy nail stickers.

Now, without further ado, read on to 40+ cute blue nail designs for Christmas.



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