April 2, 2020

40+ Exciting New Year Nail Designs To Cheer Up Your Holiday

It’s almost the end of this year, which means it’s time to reflect on all that you failed to accomplish in the past decade, and also time to pick out a snazzy outfit for your nails. A nice set of New Year’s Eve nails is a low-lift way to “get into the spirit,” as they say, without having to commit to a really shiny outfit you’ll never wear again.

Leave the clear coats and nude shades in your drawer — this is New Year’s Eve after all, one of the most unabashedly fun and free-spirited holidays of the year. Your New Year’s nails should reflect that over-the-top energy. So if you’re looking for some metallic polish that will shine brighter than the Waterford crystal-encrusted ball that drops in Times Square, you’ve come to the right place. We have rounded up the boldest, brightest, and shiniest nail polish shades for you to wear while ringing.

Nowadays New Years nails are on another level when it comes to glitter and shine. It is almost crazy how creative nail decoration may be. So, don’t step into a new year with some lame nails. Celebrate holidays with popping bottles of champagne, unwrapping presents, sequin dresses, delicious food and, most importantly, good nail art.

For today’s collection we rounded up only the best and exciting 40+ new year nail designs ideas from all over the Internet for you to get inspired.


Source:  https://www.instagram.com/p/B6Bm1xOFbHI/

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