April 2, 2020

40+ Festive Christmas Cookies Inspiration Ideas

Christmas is a time of desserts. You actually cannot say to desserts at this time of the year. From the saccharine sweet cakes to our favorite Christmas Cookies, Christmas memory has always been more about food memory. And like it’s always said, “There is no memory like food memory”, why not make this year memorable with some delicious and drool worthy Christmas cookies. You know what’s the best part about Christmas cookies? Not that, it’s sweet or it’s delicious or that you love to stuff your mouth with it!

Christmas cookies have an aroma. When you bake the special Christmas cookies at home, and it’s pin drop silence outside as the wrathy winters has set in and everyone is stuck indoors, the aroma of Cookies melts with the crisp and chilly winter breeze and travels across your neighborhood, wishing and reminding everyone, that’s the jingle bells are ringing, and it’s Christmas all over, once again.

The kids are happy to be inside spending time by mom in the kitchen and I am thrilled to have them there! Our favorite thing to bake is cookies and we spend lots of time mastering each recipe. For instance, You don’t need to chill the dough and the cookies turn out perfect every time. The buttercream frosting is a bit easier for their little hands and they love creating all the red, green, and yellow colors to decorate with!

Read the best of the festive Christmas cookies inspiration ideas right here and make your Christmas memory one to remember!


Source:  the cafe sucre farine

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