May 25, 2020

40+ Amazing Glitter Placement Nail Designs

With normal polishes, you can usually get away with painting a second coat on before your nails are all the way dry. But with glitter, Edwards says not so fast, literally. You want to use thin coats, with two to three minutes of drying time between layers. If you’re working with a thinner, more liquid-y polish, there will be less glitter on the brush, so you can do more coats (it’ll also dry faster). But with a formula that’s loaded with glitter, like Smith & Cult’s Shattered Souls, stop at two coats or you’ll risk globs.

Painting your nails and using glitter can be a lot of fun, however, there may be a few things you should know before diving into your glitter nail designs. Since glitter can create a texture to your nail, simply apply a top coat before placing your stamped design to prevent imperfections.

When you go glittery there are a few essential tricks to know, like how to avoid encasing two small, sad pieces of glitter in a thick coat of clear polish. From that basic (or surprisingly difficult) achievement, to the best glitter nail polish to use and how to handle a worst case scenario.

If you get a thrill from peeling polish, we also recommends OPI’s glitter base coat. It’ll make taking glitter polish off so much easier. Get inspired for 40+ amazing glitter placement nail designs from this post.



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