March 31, 2020

30+ Trendy Holiday Nail Designs for 2020 New Years

It’s almost the end of 2019, which means it’s time to reflect on all that you failed to accomplish in the past decade, and also time to pick out a snazzy outfit for your nails. A nice set of New Year’s Eve nails is a low-lift way to “get into the spirit,” as they say, without having to commit to a really shiny outfit you’ll never wear again.

When it comes to the new year, you should always give yourself a new look, in addition to the new clothes and accessories. Delicate girls, in the details can not be ignored, in order to meet the new year, might as well make a beautiful manicure for yourself!

From holographic colors to cheetah print, these nails are sure to make you the life of your New Year’s Eve party. Whether you are life-long DIY-er or you’ll be showing these to request similar designs at your nail salon, these are the fun and flirty shades to have on your fingers for New Year’s.

I believe that young girls can’t get rid of their obsession with manicure. Whether it’s single tone manicure or all kinds of fancy manicure, it can always make you look more delicate and charming. In the new year, you may as well play some new tricks in the manicure. Here are 30+ Trendy Holiday Nail Designs for 2020 New Years recommended for you. You may as well try to make them to welcome the new year.



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