April 2, 2020

40+ Trendy Short Hairstyles and Haircuts For Woman To Try

Fed up with your hair and are thinking about trying a new style? If so, then this is place to be! If you’ve always wanted to go short, may I just say: The time is now. Nothing says freedom like a breeze blowing against your bare neck. And any time of the year, fewer sweaty hair moments mean you can style and go, no worries. You see, what we’re really saying is, the perfect moment to lop off your locks and go for a jaw-skimming (or shorter) cut is…whenever.

To get you inspired to make the chop—and to help you figure out what to do with your hair once you’ve gone short, we’ve hand-picked 40+ trendy, varied celebrity looks that will act as your spiritual hair guide.You will find bobs, pixie cuts, shaved styles and more. We know many of you who haven’t tried short hair may be a little scared about going for a short cut, but you don’t have to be!

Celebs love short hairstyles, these haircuts look great for the spring and summer and you can transform your look for the new year. Once you have seen all these styles, you will wonder why you never tried short hair before! Feel amazing and look amazing.

Whether you’re a woman with the type of hair that’s thick, thin, wavy, curly or straight, you’ll find the best short hairstyles and haircuts trends right here! Continue reading below.


Source:  https://www.instagram.com/my_sweet_little_lotte/

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