May 25, 2020

45+ Trendy Purple Nail Designs For Your Next Chic Look

A classically royal color choice, purple will always give you a regal feel and sense of power while still maintaining an air of charming femininity. Known for its depth and drama, purple is a color that can be found in something as delicate as a flower, as mighty as a queen, or as sophisticated as a fine wine. Whether your style is artsy, cutesy, or chic, these purple nail designs are totally on fleek.

Groomed appearance is always in fashion, and hands are something that attracts the most attention. Nice nails are very important decoration of hands. In our gallery this time you’ll be able to see how you can manicure your nails in this royal and magical violet color. Your manicure can be whole only in violet, but also that color can be combined with a white color, with lighter and darker shades of purple, we really like it in the combination of nude and brown. This color is nicely combined with black, pink and green. Very often combination is purple with white because it seems fresh and playful.

Being risky is a great trait of character, especially talking about appearance. Only people of courage can apply radical changes to their look. Purple nail designs are just the freshest this year for you to choose. So it’s time to try out something new, isn’t it?

In this post, we have rounded up some examples of beautiful, stylish and trendy purple nail designs for your next chic look to get inspired. Take time to browse through these remarkable nail art designs.



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