April 2, 2020

60 Cute Christmas Cupcake Recipes That Can Open Your Mind

Looking for some cute Christmas cupcake Recipes? You’re at the right place. Let these adorable Christmas cupcakes, featuring flavors like creamy coconut and spicy gingerbread, impress your guests. And don’t forget to make a holiday cake and cookies while you’re at it.Christmas cookies get all the love, but we’re here for Christmas cupcakes too, especially when they’re as cute as these.

The fabulousness of cupcakes is that you get your very own cake all to yourself. No sharing, no need for a fork, just you and your moment of cake bliss. And the great thing about baking cupcakes for the holidays is that you can go simple or all out.

Cupcakes are sweet and delicious and that is why they are enjoyed by kids and adults alike! Instead of heading to the bakery this Christmas season, whip up a batch of delightful cupcakes to share. Better yet, make it a family activity and create a delicious treat to enjoy together! We have found a few exciting kid-approved cupcakes as well as a few sophisticated adult recipes too!


Wreath Cupcakes

Source:  yourcupofcake

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