May 25, 2020

60+ Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas to Fill Your Home With Love This Year

Set the mood with these romantic Valentine’s Day decor ideas. From rose wreaths to heart garlands, there are over a hundred decoration ideas for the home! Here, we’ve rounded up our all-time favorite easy projects for Valentine’s Day, and we can practically guarantee there’s at least one idea on our list you’ll be excited to start working on.

How can we be so sure that these are the best DIY Valentine’s Day decorations around, you ask? Well, for starters, they’re just plain adorable—that’s how! But the most interesting thing about them (and the reason why we know you’ll love having them in your home!) is that you can easily extend their lifespan well beyond Valentine’s Day, and even past the winter season.

Transform old, chipped sliding into a “wooden kiss,” for instance, and you’ll have a gorgeous, rustic decor piece that doesn’t only have to function as part of your Valentine’s Day party backdrop. Turn a treasured love letter into a stunning, framed work of art, and you’ve got yourself a Valentine’s Day craft (that can also be a Valentine’s Day gift) so beautiful, it might just end up being passed down from generation to generation!

We’ve got 60+ ideas for Valentine’s Day decorations you can follow and they’re pretty, too. Whether you want to add a touch of romance to every room, or gather floral pieces for a celebratory Valentine’s Day dinner, these elevated and on-theme decor ideas won’t disappointed.



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